AC Delco Oil Filter Review: Everything You Need To Know

ac delco oil filter review

The history of automobiles isn’t very straightforward, although historians believe that it dates all the way back to the 1400s. Before products like the AC Delco oil filter were a necessity, Leonardo da Vinci was already creating models and designs for transport vehicles. Centuries later, in 1923, Ernest Sweetland patented the original oil filtration system for automobiles with George H. Greenhalgh.

Their goal in creating this oil filter was to provide cars with “pure oil later,” and they shortened the name of their invention to “Purolator.” The very first Purolator worked by filtering the oil through a cloth. Then, in 1946, the pleated paper filter that we still use today was invented. As the years went on, Purolator created filtration products for coolants, hydraulics, power steering, and transmission fluids.

There’s always a lot happening under the hood of your vehicle. Most of us know about the importance of the transmission and battery, but do you know how crucial the oil filter is? Without your oil filter, your car wouldn’t be able to run smoothly for very long. While doing regular oil changes is necessary, keeping the oil filter fresh is very important to remember if you want a smooth ride.

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Understanding How an Oil Filter Works

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Starting with the basics, the purpose of the engine in your car is to turn fuel into energy to move the vehicle. That process needs moving pieces to function, and these moving pieces need oil to work with efficiency. Motor oil also reduces wear and helps your engine perform more productively and last longer. In order to help with the lubrication process, an oil filter is necessary.

Motor oil keeps all of the engine parts, including the piston rings and valve train, well-lubricated. This lubrication prevents overheating and friction from metal rubbing on metal. To get oil to these pieces, the engine uses an oil pump. This oil will only stay effective if it can lubricate the moving parts of the engine effectively.

For this to work, the oil has to be kept clean. A messy or sludgy engine will only work for a short time, in all likelihood. Enter the oil filter. This product prevents harmful metal fragments, dirt, and other debris from getting into your system and causing problems. Once you have a new, clean filter in place, you’ll have cleaner oil and a happier engine.

What to Consider Before You Buy

Your oil filter is a crucial component of your car. The engine requires a quality filter to make sure the oil stays in good shape to properly lubricate your engine. Before you choose, keep the factors below in mind:


Oil filter types

Engine size

When to install

How Often Should You Change the Oil Filter?

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How often you should change the oil in your car depends on your driving habits and the state of your car. Since some of the engine oil stays in the filter once you drain the oil, you should change the filter at the same time as when you’re changing the oil. Read the manual to find out what the manufacturer recommends for the specific vehicle you have. Some may recommend every 7,500 miles, while others might say 3,750 or another number altogether.

What Is the AC Delco Oil Filter?

AC Delco is an automotive parts provider owned by General Motors. The AC Delco oil filter is one of their trusted products and comes in a range of prices and applications for drivers.

Special features to keep in mind

AC Delco often makes their oil filters with recycled or recyclable parts. They fit a wide range of types of cars and driving needs including ordinary driving and off-roading. Many AC Delco oil filter models come with features for easier installation and removal. And they contribute to a smoother running car by filtering out dirt and other debris.

What are customers saying about the AC Delco oil filter?

How much do oil filters typically cost?

Versions of the AC Delco Oil Filter

The AC Delco oil filter comes in a range of types for different driving needs. While some are suitable for the average driver, other filters work for specialty uses such as off-roading or racing. Let’s look at a few of their best models below:

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The AC Delco PF48E oil filter has a revolutionary design that helps your filter function better while being easier to recycle. It fits GM vehicles and a range of other car types. The unique element design provides a smaller canister with more filtering area.

The AC Delco PF48E oil filter has a threaded plate assembly, leaf spring, and steel shell that are all recyclable. 

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The AC Delco UPF48R oil filter is designed to handle five times more force than the average engine operating pressure. The capacity to handle greater force helps this AC Delco oil filter have a longer life.

This product provides protection for more demanding automobile needs such as off-road driving and racing. The UPF48R Specialty Ultraguard filter by AC Delco uses advanced filtering technology and fits both GM and non-GM cars. 

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The AC Delco PF2257G oil filter uses end discs made of thermoplastic that comes from 100 percent recycled material. When you use this filter, servicing only requires you to replace the filter element. The internal components and shell stay in place, reducing service needs and leading to reduced disposal costs.

This oil filter will fit both GM and non-GM cars. 

AC Delco Versus Similar Brands

One reliable way to figure out the quality of a brand is to compare it against competing brands' similar products. Below, we’ll go over three different alternatives to AC Delco oil filter products.

We realize there’s an overwhelming sea of information out there on any given product, including oil filters. To make your life easier, we’ve scoured the web for all of the most important info out there on AC Delco oil filters and a few other brands. Having all the facts will help you make an informed purchase.

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The FRAM XG9018 oil filter works for ordinary drivers who perform vehicle maintenance on a regular basis. The product has been engineered to work with synthetic oil and uses a metal screen to trap dirt.

The design of the filter allows for uniform pleating, optimum oil flow, and durability. 


  • Easy installation
  • Durable design


  • Doesn’t include a gasket
  • More expensive than average

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The Purolator L14610 oil filter is engineered to meet the original factory performance standards for your car and works for routine driving needs. Designed for optimum oil flow, the metal end caps offer integrity and stability for your car.

A good match for ordinary, conventional oil, Purolator works for most light trucks and passenger cars and delivers protection for your car to keep it running safely and smoothly. 


  • Allows optimum airflow
  • Affordable price


  • Might tear over time
  • Difficult to remove

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The Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH provides effective filtration for the protection of your vehicle. It uses both natural and synthetic materials to protect your engine from wear. The Bosch 3330 oil filter also filters out more contaminants than an ordinary filter since it’s thicker than average.

This filter should be used with Castor motor oil and is easy to both apply and remove. 


  • Thicker than average
  • Fits into place easily


  • Might crack easily

AC Delco Oil Filter Pros and Cons

To understand what to expect from a product, it’s important to weigh its individual pros and cons. Here are some common advantages and disadvantages of choosing an AC Delco oil filter:


  • Different types for different needs
  • Durable materials
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Doesn’t fit every car

Excited About Car Maintenance Yet?

Knowing about how an oil filter works and which type to choose is important for any driver, especially those on a budget. You can save yourself time and money by learning how to change your oil yourself. Overall, we think the AC Delco filter is a good choice because it comes in a variety of options. You’re sure to find the one you need for your GM or non-GM car. Happy driving!

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