Mobil 1 Oil Filter Review: The Inside Scoop on Their Performance

mobil 1 oil filter review

Oil filters from Mobil have been known to be quite expensive compared to other oil filter brands, but their power and efficiency are what sells. Investing in a cheap oil filter may have detrimental effects on your engine that will cost you more for repairs or render your car engine obsolete. 

Compared to cheaper oil filters that use paper as a sieve which may eventually disintegrate and get into the oil circulation system, Mobil Oil filters use a synthetic filter media. You can actually drive a couple of thousand of miles without having to incur any major engine repairs. 

In our Mobil 1 Oil Filter review, we shall give you an overview of the product and manufacturer, take you through the product features, provide a comparison to other brands as we also have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of this filter. 

Mobil 1 Oil Filter: Product Overview

Some companies sell their brand names, while others their quality. For others like Mobil, both are paramount. Mobil has been in the industry for many years and has never manufactured subpar products. 

Because of their range of oil filters, there is always one for every car. Their filter models also exceed the standards of ordinary range filters, and their pressure levels are made to also match high-performance engines.

Mobil recommends its own motor oils for a prolonged filter life. For example, their Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil is proven to guarantee 20,000 miles of filter longevity without replacement. Their Mobil 1 Extended Performance engine oil protects your engine from overall wear and promises a 15,000 miles filter lifespan. 

It's Advanced Fuel Economy motor oil provides overall engine protection. 

With all these perks, you may as well make your purchase tomorrow. However, if you are still indecisive, go through the Mobil 1 features and technical specifications below. 

Features/Technical Specifications

Mobil has several filter models designed for different vehicle brands. In our review, we shall use the Mobil 1 M1-110 filter model to highlight its features and technical specifications. 

Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

Mobil 1 M1-110 / M1-110A Extended Performance Oil Filter
  • Synthetic fiber blend filter element uses advanced technology for maximum cleaning power
  • Premium lubricated filter gasket provides a tight seal and allows for easy removal
  • Heavy duty filter canister withstands 9X the normal vehicle oil system operating pressure

The M1-110 has a 99.6% oil contaminant filtration rate. This filtering ability is enhanced by its spin on and cartridge filter. The cartridge filter has a permanent housing with a replaceable filter media. For the spin-on design, the oil filter has a complete housing with a replaceable component. It also can hold twice the contaminant capacity as compared to other filters. 

The filter can also withstand nine times the standard system operating pressure. This pressure protection has an impressive level of 615 pascals per square inch, which is quite high compared to other similar products. The reason as to why this is important is that when you are driving in high temperatures at high speeds, there will be an increase in demand for oil by the engine for maximum performance. 

If you are using a substandard oil filter, you may notice that oil flows back into the filter whenever the car comes to a halt. However, with a silicone anti-drain back valve in the Mobil Extended Performance oil filter, this is not the case. 

The silicone protection ensures that your engine does not experience a dry start because of lack of oil. For further safety enhancements, Mobil has added a metal bypass valve that comes in handy when the filter media has been blocked by oil contaminants creating a barrier to the required flow rate. 

How the Mobil 1 Oil Filter Compares to Other Products

The Mobil 1 Oil Filter has received some competition among some of its old counterparts as well as young industry players. In our Mobil 1 Oil Filter review, we will compare how the Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filter and the AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter compare to the Mobil Filter. 

Established in 1986, Royal Purple is a millennial. Despite its young age, the company has received great acknowledgment from the filter industry as well as impressive reviews by its many users. This is attributed to the quality filters they manufacture. 

At a lifespan of over 10,000 miles, this is one of the reasons why vehicle owners go for it as a premium choice. This duration is however lower compared to Mobil filters that can last up to 15,000 miles on synthetic motor oil. The filtration levels between the two are pretty much the same with the Royal Purple having a 99% filtration rate at 25 microns. 

For enhanced filtration efficiency, the synthetic media is made from 100% micro glass fiber material. This means that the pores of the synthetic material are very minute hence preventing even the tiniest contaminants from going into the engine.

The Royal Purple filter also comes with a silicone anti-drain back valve that prevents oil from flowing back into the filter, which causes a dry start. The interior of the unit, which includes a bypass valve and a center tube are all made of metal which increases the durability of the filter. The housing is also enhanced to provide extra cushions to the filter media. 

AMSOIL Ea has been among the premium filter manufacturing brands among the generation Xers. Established in 1972, the company has registered some excellent quality filters owing to its evolution in the use of metallic, silicone, and synthetic media. 

Compared to the Mobil 1 oil filter, the AMSOIL Ea Oil filter has lower filtration efficiency rates of 98.7% at 20 microns. The filtration level may be able to remove most of the oil contaminants but not the ones with the smallest grains. 

AMSOIL holds that the filter can last up to 15000 miles but only when used with AMSOIL synthetic oils. Compared to the Royal Purple, it’s a bit pricey, but this comes from its durability. Similar to the Mobil filter, it has a metal and silicone combined construction. 

Pros and Cons of the Mobil 1 Oil Filter

Even with impressive filter pressure levels and high built-in quality, the Mobil filter like many products has some setbacks to it. We shall use the Mobil 1-110 Extended Filter to discuss its pros and cons in our Mobil 1 Oil Filter Review.


  • Known brand
  • Durable
  • Can last up to 15000 miles when coupled with synthetic motor oils
  • 99.6% synthetic media filtration rate
  • Filter pressure levels significant for vehicles with high-performance engines
  • 28-gram contaminant holding capacity

As mentioned earlier, Mobil has been functional for a lot of years, with little to no disappointments expressed on their range of filters. With this assurance in place, you can definitely get Mobil filter for your car. 

The high-quality metal and silicone material used in its fabrication can remain unaffected even up to nine times the vehicles operating pressure. Additionally, the filter may go up to 15,000 miles before replacement when the car uses synthetic motor oil. 

Emphasis is placed on using synthetic motor oil because it lasts more than conventional motor oil. When you combine both super motor oil and super filter, you are set to for a very smooth ride. 


  • The silicon media does not have a metal backing

Some vehicle owners may find this filter a little bit overpriced but with such an impeccable record in durability for many car models, why complain?


It is a requirement to change your car filter even if it is the specific one that came with your vehicle. You can either use the same brand of filter or go for other premium filter brands available. The reason to why you should go for the premium models like Mobil 1 Oil Filter is so you can go that extra mileage with your vehicle. 

Over time, contaminants clog up your filter, thus making them ineffective. When to replace your filter may be indicated in the manufacturer's specifications, but this will also depend on the type and brand of oil you are using. 

Premium filters have synthetic media which can either be nylon, polyester, or glass. Because of the ability of the fibers in the synthetic material to form a tight sieve-like structure, they can collect small grain particles, which then allows for higher oil flow rates. This then alludes to the durability of the product. 

The type of oil filter you choose for your vehicle is also vital. There are mechanical, cartridge and spin-on oil filters, magnetic oil filters, sedimentation, and centrifugal oil filter. Getting the right filter for your car depends on several factors. 

A good filter should have extra pleats that will form an excellent barrier against the smallest sized contaminants. Among the structural features to consider are a metal end cap and a metal bypass valve for increased durability. To provide a shield against any leakages, the filter should have a rubber gasket that provides full proof protection. 

Getting the right filter size for your car engine protects you from having to repair mechanical problems caused by oil leaking. Even from the same manufacturer, filters have different components, material type, design, and size. All these variables are suited for particular car makes and models, hence the need to order the correct size when you are making your filter purchase online. 

If you are planning on getting an oil filter, you have probably encountered several issues with the performance of your engine. This may be signaled by the engine light on the dashboard. When the Low Engine Oil light is on, it shows that your engine is running on dirty oil.

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Other signs include oil leakages and the engine overheating. Your car will experience leakages when the engine performance levels cannot be handled by the pressure levels of the filter. Engine overheating arises from low heat conductivity due to contaminant build up. 

Once you have analyzed all the important points above, you will now be able to place where the Mobil 1 Oil filter stands. 

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