Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner Review: The All-in-One Elixir for Your Engine

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Is your vehicle turning into a gas devouring monster? One of the main reasons for this is a dirty fuel system. When you add Lucas fuel injector cleaner to your car, it cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system thereby improving your vehicle’s performance.

Are you looking for a good fuel injector cleaner to clean up the gunk from your engine, and extend its life? Is it time to replace the one you’ve been using? Fuel injector cleaners are an essential part of any car owner’s toolbox. Lucas might just be the right brand for you and your vehicle.

Fuel Injector Cleaner FAQs

Fuel injectors are a vital component to your engine, so you need to maintain them to keep its optimal performance. Therefore, you need to know every possible issue that can crop up, and how to clean the injectors properly to ensure there aren’t any repeat mistakes.

Here are some of the questions users frequently ask about fuel injectors, and fuel injector cleaners.

What is a fuel injector?

So, just what exactly is a fuel injector? They inject a metered amount of fuel into each cylinder. In a gasoline engine, the spark plug ignites the fuel, which causes a mini explosion that moves each piston in sequence. Keeping injectors clean promotes equal dispersion of fuel to keep the engine running smoothly. Clean fuel injectors help the motor run more efficiently, promote better fuel economy, and extend the overall life of the engine.

What is a fuel injector cleaner?

A fuel injector cleaner cleans up deposits in your engine that can cause your car to stop working correctly. It contains a combination of chemicals, mainly oil and other powerful additives. These deeply penetrate and clean your car’s fuel injectors, intake valves, carburetor, and combustion chambers. They help in restoring fuel economy and reducing emissions.

Why do I need a fuel injector cleaner?

When your car burns gas in the engine, most of what is released is gas byproducts vented out of the exhaust pipe. However, the combustion process isn’t always perfect, as not all the gas is released. Think of when you burn wood in a campfire. A significant chunk of the wood produces fire and smoke — but you still end up with coals once the fire dies down.

This is essentially what goes on inside your car’s engine. Solid deposits are left behind inside the engine and fuel lines. The manufacturer built Lucas fuel injector cleaner to remove such substantial deposits.

You need to clean the deposits out because they reduce the air flow that your engine needs to function correctly. They also mess with the perfect balance of gas and air mixture the injectors need to produce a combustion reaction in your engine.

What are the symptoms of a clogged or dirty fuel injector?

As your car ages, carboxyl deposits build up in the fuel system over the years, causing problems such as reduced fuel economy, smoke, reduced power, and rough idling. Other symptoms include rough starting, engine knocks, misfiring, and stumbling or hesitation on acceleration.

What chemical ingredients go into a bottle of fuel injector cleaner?

Fuel injector cleaners contain potent chemicals whose work is to remove the solid deposits, which are mostly carbon-based. Because of this, they can be difficult to remove without chemicals that can dissolve the carboxyl deposits.

One of these chemicals is polyetheramine or PEA for short. This dissolves the carboxyl deposits, allowing them to get washed away by your fuel system. If your fuel injector or additive doesn’t have any or enough PEA, it likely will not do anything for your car.

Other chemicals used are polyisobutylene, commonly labeled as PIB, which removes sediment and buildup in the injectors, and fuel lines. It also helps reduce misfiring and engine knock.

Lastly, there’s Polyisobutylene Amine, also called PIBA, which is effective at removing moisture. It is meant for maintenance rather than removing long-term gunk buildup or sediment deposits.

What should I look out for when choosing a good fuel injector cleaner?

The primary considerations for fuel injector cleaners are cleaning potency and cost efficiency. A fuel injector cleaner that doesn’t offer proper cleaning for your engine’s injectors is useless. When purchasing one, this should be your top consideration.

Cost efficiency is essential based on the analysis of fuel injector cleaners on the market. Most of them, including Lucas fuel injector cleaner, and others mentioned in our review are both affordable and effective at their job.

How often should you use fuel injector cleaner?

Some people use injector cleaners because their cars are acting up, and a reasonably affordable additive may fight the issue as the first logical step. On the other hand, wiser folk may want to prevent any potential problems, so they’ll use injector cleaners as preventatives. Whatever your desired goal, it is essential to consider the doses and intervals of use.

Fuel injector cleaners are different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all recommendation. However, once you select the fuel injector cleaner you’d like to use, check the product label to find out the recommended dosage and frequency of use. After you know this, you can adjust the numbers to suit your needs.

How do I know which fuel injector brand is best for my engine?

I thought you’d never ask! We’ve put together a review of Lucas fuel injector cleaner and compared this brand to the other top choices on the market. Now that you have an idea of what to consider in a fuel injector cleaner, you are ready to learn about the difference between specific brands.

Up next, we’ll introduce you to Lucas fuel injector cleaner, then go through four competing products one by one, and show you what each has to offer.

Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner

Lucas is a leading manufacturer of fuel and oil additives. Their fuel injector cleaning formula cleans engine blocks, as it runs its course through your system. This, in turn, increases your fuel economy and lubricates your system while it cleans it up.

If you have old injectors in your car, one of the ways to prevent them from taking any more damage as a result of the carbon that builds up when your car ages is by using Lucas fuel injector cleaner.

It is an all-in-one product that combines the benefits of a fuel additive with the power of an oil additive, thus cleaning fuel injectors like a pro. Specifically, it reduces sediment and sludge whether your car has a gasoline or diesel engine, carbureted or fuel injected. It also acts as a fuel conditioning agent, where it completely rejuvenates your car’s fuel system.

How Much Does Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner Cost?

Lucas fuel injector cleaner retails between $7.80 and $25.59 if you purchase it from Amazon.

How We Reviewed

To make sure you get every piece of information available on Lucas fuel injector cleaner, we checked out product descriptions from the brand manufacturer, customer reviews, and buyer guides. We compared Lucas fuel injector cleaner to available products. What follows is the most reliable information about Lucas fuel injector cleaner you can find.

Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaners

Lucas fuel injector cleaner comes in two types: Lucas Oil 10512 Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner, and Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner. There’s a larger bottle that they call Lucas 10020 Fuel Treatment, but there’s no difference in their functions, only that the latter’s quantity is more than the first two cleaners.

Let’s look at the two main Lucas fuel injector cleaners in detail below.

Lucas Oil 10512 Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner

This fuel injector cleaner blends an exclusive Lucas additive package and particular carrier fluid that has no diesel, kerosene or other chemicals which may harm your engine.

It reduces emissions, eliminates tonging and pinging, eliminates the need for higher octane fuel, and deep cleans your car’s whole fuel system and combustion chamber.

The only drawback, when compared to other fuel injector cleaners on the market, is its price. It comes in three packages: 5.25 ounce in a case of 24 bottles, 16 ounces in a case of 12 bottles, and a 55-gallon drum.

You can purchase this Lucas fuel injector cleaner on Amazon. Customers who have used it have given it a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner

Users rely on Lucas brands because of their powerful oils and additives, and this Lucas fuel injector cleaner doesn’t disappoint. It is formulated for gas and diesel engines, carbureted or fuel injected, giving your car’s fuel system just what it needs.

The 10003 blends super slick oils and additives, plus a high detergent action, allowing your engine to operate at maximum efficiency. Additionally, it cleanses and lubricates the carburetor and injectors, causing fuel to burn more thoroughly. The result is an increase in power and better fuel economy.

If your car requires leaded fuel and you have to pass smog tests, this cleaner is the answer. It also neutralizes the harmful effects low sulfur diesel fuel brings.

You can pick up a bottle of this cleaner from Amazon. You’ll be glad to know that customers have rated it highly, giving it 4.7 out of 5 stars, which can only mean one thing: it is an excellent injector cleaner.

How Does Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner Compare to Rival Brands?

Despite having a rich heritage of producing some of the world’s best oils and additives for engines, Lucas fuel injector cleaner isn’t the only one on the market. Several other brands offer similar cleaners, some with more cleaning potency, others with less.

The following fuel injector cleaners are similar to Lucas fuel injector cleaner in both features and price.

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

This potent cleaning agent lets you optimize your miles per gallon, ensuring maximum fuel efficiency. Its power is due to the PEA technology as well as patented polyetheramine. This chemical combination offers an unparalleled cleaning efficiency.

It eliminates carbon deposits from your car’s fuel injectors, intake valves, and flex fuels. It also protects your car’s engine from rough idling, surges, and spark plug fouling.

This cleaner is great for older cars with serious issues or modern vehicles that you don’t clean regularly. Chevron is a godsend. However, if all you want is an injector cleaner for use at regular intervals, there are cheaper solution solutions.

It has received a 4.6 out of 5-star rating from customer reviews on Amazon, where you can purchase a bottle.

Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

This fuel injector cleaner delivers accurate and excellent performance, as it works immediately when you apply it to the fuel injectors. It is safe to use with any vehicle, even on a regular basis.

Red Line is detergent-based. You can use it to clean valves, carburetors, fuel injectors, and the combustion chamber. Like Chevron and Lucas fuel injector cleaner, this one also contains PEA to remove all the gunk. Also included are a few additives like cylinder lube oil for a smoothly running engine, which makes it a two-in-one solution.

On Amazon, this fuel injector cleaner has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating based on consumer reviews.

This is the only fuel treatment with a revolutionary vapor technology that rises above the fuel line. It protects your engine where other fuel injector cleaners can’t.

It is a product of Gold Eagle Co., an industry pioneer in the production and distribution of engine performance and maintenance chemicals.

Like Lucas fuel injector cleaner, this one also has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating from consumer reviews on Amazon.

Pros And Cons Of The Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner

As with everything, there are pros and cons to Lucas fuel injector cleaner. However, in this case, the pros seem to far outweigh the cons.


  • A powerful blend of oils and additives
  • Rich brand history
  • Reduces pollution
  • Neutralizes toxic emissions
  • Ensures complete fuel combustion
  • Increases mileage capacity
  • Complete lubrication and cleansing


  • Pricier compared to competitor brands

Our Verdict

Lucas fuel injector cleaner still beats the competition hands down. Each of the three rival brands shares most of the qualities you can find with Lucas, except for their single unique traits. Users praise Chevron for its Techron premium cleaning agent. Red Line and STABIL have a reputation for their two-in-one combination of injector cleaner and cylinder lube oil, and vapor technology respectively.

All these stand out, but they still don’t compare to the rich heritage Lucas has for its powerful cleaning and efficiency on engines. Considering all the factors that make for a great injector cleaner, Lucas fuel injector cleaner takes the crown.

Have you used a Lucas fuel injector cleaner before? Are you happy with it? Did it clean up the gunk from your engine? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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