Greenworks Pressure Washer Review

greenworks pressure washer

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If you’re looking to wash or detail your car, owning a pressure washer makes the process a lot simpler. It will even save you time as you move through the different steps of detailing. However, it’s hard to know which pressure washers are the best and where you should make an investment. The Greenworks pressure washer is an affordable, popular option that deserves a more detailed look.

Are you unsure why you would want to use a power washer on your car? Consider that if you want to get a deep clean that will make your car shine, usually you would have to get very physical and start scrubbing, even down on your knees to reach some areas. With a power washer, you don’t have to do that. You can stand in a way that is comfortable for you and let the pressure and detergents do nearly all the work for you. The Greenworks pressure washer can make washing your car a breeze.

Comparison Table

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What Is a Greenworks Pressure Washer?

The Greenworks pressure washer we evaluated is a unit that is easy to use and powerful enough to handle cleaning your car, along with other projects like sidewalks. This pressure washer is among the least expensive options available, making it super-easy to afford. It is a machine worth having around for a variety of household and yard jobs. However, if you plan on doing heavy-duty power washing, you should look for a more powerful, more durably constructed option.

The Greenworks pressure washer is powerful enough to take mud and debris off your car with ease, and it only weighs 19 pounds, so you can lift it and place it wherever you need it to be. You just need to pull it out of the box and connect the hoses, handle, and wand. Then you will be ready to start power- washing your car or performing another medium-duty washing task.

Greenworks provides a one-year warranty for this item, which is better than other models in its price range, which typically only offer a 90-day warranty. The accessories include a 20-foot pressure hose, 25-degree and 45-degree spray nozzles, and a detergent tank that snaps onto the handle and can be stored on the back of the machine when it is not in use.

This model is ideal for those who do not need to use a power washer often but would still like to have one around for the occasional use. There are additional accessories available for purchase, including a foamer attachment nozzle that makes applying soap to your car easy. You can customize your Greenworks pressure washer by purchasing the add-ons you believe you will use.

Product Specs

The Greenworks pressure washer we reviewed weighs in at about 19 pounds. It runs on a 13A Universal motor and has a 35-foot electric cord. Its maximum pressure is 1,500 PSI and the maximum flow rate is 1.2 GPM. The hose is 20 feet long and comes with a soap nozzle along with 25- and 40-degree spray nozzles. This item has a warranty that lasts for a year and has a fairly high usability rating among those who own it. The hose can be used vertically or horizontally for greater stability.

This product is powerful enough to take care of the majority of your pressure washing needs. Using the detergent attachment will ensure you get your surfaces clean. You can easily stow your compact Greenworks pressure washer away for the next time when you might need it. Generally speaking, these statements apply across the Greenworks pressure washer line, but features and options vary.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • DeWalt DXPW3425 Pressure Washer
  • Ryobi RY803111 Pressure Washer
  • Craftsman 99016 Pressure Washer

Greenworks 1500 PSI 13 Amp Pressure Washer

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  • Works for most projects
  • Affordable price


  • One of the louder pressure washers we evaluated
  • Washer unit does not have wheels or a long handle

DeWalt DXPW3425 Pressure Washer

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This DeWalt pressure washer has everything you could need in a pressure washer. It has a high flow rate of 2.4 gallons per minute and a variety of nozzles, which make it a good choice for most projects you would have, including washing your car. The wand has a side-mounted grip so that you can use two hands on it if you desired. This gas-powered pressure washer has a pressure regulator built into the unit that allows you to change the pressure settings if you get a kickback from the spraying force.

DeWalt’s DXPW3425 pressure washer can handle the most rigorous demands of even professional cleaning jobs. It has a Honda engine and 2.5-GPM industrial triplex pump driving its maximum 3,400 psi of pressure. This makes it a powerful machine that can be put to the test again and again.


  • Great warranty
  • Very powerful at 3400 psi
  • Has a pressure regulator


  • Previous owners have had pump issues
  • Gas-powered unit

Ryobi RY803111 Pressure Washer

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The Ryobi RY803111 pressure washer is a 3000 PSI gas pressure washer with an array of cool features. It is somewhat louder than some competitive units due to it gas engine, but standard hearing protection should be sufficient. It has a pull-cord start, but it can also be equipped with the Ryobi 18-volt power tool lithium ion battery and a push-button electric starting feature.This item has the battery charger included. It is performance-tested and rated in accordance with PWMA standards. In addition, it has a 25-ft. high-pressure hose, a hand-track frame for easy transport, an on-board soap tank for easy detergent application, and four nozzles to help you get all your cleaning chores done. When cleaning your car, the different nozzles and applications will help you knock out all your cleaning and detailing needs in a snap.


  • Great for those with an average amount of projects throughout the year
  • Battery power add-on gives you a push-button ignition
  • Plenty of accessories


  • Gas-powered unit
  • Shorter warranty than some competitors’ coverage

Craftsman 99016 Pressure Washer

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The Craftsman pressure washer has everything you need if you are shopping for a lightweight electric model. It is slim and extremely versatile, and yet it is powerful enough to handle medium-difficulty jobs if you’re willing to spend a little extra time on the more problematic areas. It can be purchased with or without the zero-degree nozzle. The power cord wraps up around the built-in wheels, so it can be stored easily when you’re done working.

This washer provides 1,800 psi of pressure and flow at 1.2 GPM with its 13-amp motor. It has four nozzles, including soap, 15-degree, 40-degree, and turbo nozzles. The folding handle converts into a horizontal platform for better maneuverability. In addition, it has a hose reel and power-cord reel, making it simple to store and stow everything away when not in use. Finally, this unit offers dual on-board soap tanks, on-board accessory storage, a 25-foot hose, a 35-foot power cord, and 8″ PVC wrapped wheels.

The motor gives you a wide range of cleaning applications with quiet operation. The hose is connected directly to the water source and gives you the space to reach wherever it is you need to go. You also don’t have to worry about tangled up cords or hoses due to the reels provided. All your surfaces can get nice and clean with the different nozzles and on-board detergent.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Reels help keep everything untangled
  • Sufficient for most projects


  • Not as powerful as other models
  • Shorter warranty period


When it comes to power washers, you need to think about how often you will use the machine and how demanding the jobs you’ll be taking on will be. Some units are meant for heavy-duty jobs, and some are for lighter and less frequent use. The Greenworks pressure washer we evaluated is one that is easy to afford and does the job for most projects. Although 1,500 psi of pressure is not much power compared to other models, for those who don’t need anything heavy duty, this unit certainly does the trick.

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