Centric Brake Pads – A Comprehensive Review And Comparison

centric brake pads

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Will it soon be time to replace your brake pads? Have you been wondering about your options? Do you want to know which brands will meet your driving needs, and how much replacing your current brake pads will cost you? If you already know that you want ceramic brake pads, we recommend you look at Centric brake pads. They have many of the common features of ceramic brake pads. They are long-lasting and durable, super-quiet and reliable, but with additional features that elevate them above the competition.

Before forking over your hard earned money for Centric brake pads, you should know about their pricing, features, and how they compare to the leading competitors. This will help you narrow down your options to make an informed decision.

Comparison Table

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What Are Centric Brake Pads?

Centric brake pads are installation-ready ceramic brake pads. You can purchase them to install yourself or have your mechanic put them in for you. The product works like any other brake pad. The brake pad touches the brake disc to generate friction which slows down the outer wheel and tire to stop the car. The difference is in how they are made, how long they will last, and their ability to reduce pad vibration and noise.

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Product Specifications For Centric Brake Pads

Centric ceramic premium brake pads come installation ready. Centric brake pads are 100 percent shimmed, with either precision-cut or shaved backing plates. This ensures a proper fit in the caliper body and prevents problems such as pad vibration and squealing.

These installation-ready ceramic brake pads also have original equipment (OE) style sensors attached. Once connected to your dashboard, these sensors will cause an LED indicator to light up if your brake pads have become too thin. Not all of Centric’s competitors’ brake pads come with sensors attached. If you go with a competitor who does not include sensors, this is an additional cost.

The OE chamfers and gas slots work together to reduce brake pad vibration and noise. The chamfers’ angled cuts control how the pad’s edge interacts with the rotors, which could cause noise, and the gas slots allow gases to escape. Without slots to dissipate heat, gases from the pad can build up.

Centric brake pads are made with two application-specific friction compounds. These two compounds combine to improve braking performance and cut down on noise.

Lastly, Centric brake pads are manufactured using Positive Mold Technology rather than the more common “flash mold.” The benefits of positive molding are that the friction material is compressed and bonded to the backing plate using extreme pressure. Because this technology yields consistent friction material density throughout the brake pad, it results in more even wear and performance than a brake pad manufactured using flash mold technology.

centric brake pads specs

Pricing Of Centric Brake Pads

Because Centric doesn’t sell directly to consumers, you’ll have to buy your brake pads from a distributor. Prices for Centric brake pads range from fourteen to eighty dollars, depending on the size needed for your vehicle. You can buy them from Amazon, Brakeworld, CARiD and more. The specific type of Centric brake pads you’ll need will depend upon your vehicle’s make and model.

Ceramic brake pads are the most expensive of all the brake pad options available due to the higher cost of manufacturing. But this is offset by the fact that they’ll save you money in the long run because you won’t have to replace them as frequently.

How Centric’s Brake Pads Compare To Other Major Brands

Before buying this product, you should also know how Centric brake pads compare to other brands. Three of the biggest manufacturers in the market are Wagner, Bosch, and ACDelco. Let’s take a look at how Centric stacks up to these competitors.

Bosch QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set

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Bosch ceramic brake pads have molded shim technology which provides greater stability and protects shim attachments. Their strong multi-layer shim construction insulates against noise. They are the only set in this list that is manufactured and tested in North America.

  • Bosch QuietCast Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Ease of Installation: Hardware kit includes everything you need to install, but requires adhesives. Some online reviewers report difficulties and needing special tools.
  • Build Quality: Excellent, made in North America.
  • Warranty: Parts warranty, no other information available without emailing the manufacturer.

Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Disc Pad

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Wagner’s ThermoQuiet Ceramic Disc Pad set is a one-piece product that works to provide smoothness with a proprietary friction formulation and Dynamic Noise Absorption technology. These pads are low-cost but might make more noise than other options, with drivers noticing squeaking in certain driving conditions and on some cars. However, they do offer 15 percent more stopping power when compared to most other brands and are known for having little to no break-in period after installation.

  • Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Disc Pad Set
  • Ease of Installation: Does not come with caliper grease. Cheaper sets don’t include all the clips/springs needed to install.
  • Build Quality: Well-known brand, pads noted to be thinner than other options.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime replacement warranty. Parts can be refunded for cash/credit within 90 days, after which they can only be exchanged for a new item.
  • Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Disc Pad Set
  • Ease of Installation: Does not come with caliper grease. Cheaper sets don’t include all the clips/springs needed to install.
  • Build Quality: Well-known brand, pads noted to be thinner than other options.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime replacement warranty. Parts can be refunded for cash/credit within 90 days, after which they can only be exchanged for a new item.

ACDelco Professional Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

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This set consists of OE parts and comes with shims, chamfers, slots, and brake lubricant; everything you need for installation is included. They are quiet and low-dusting and have been independently tested for braking effectiveness, durability and wear.

  • ACDelco Professional Ceramic Brake Pad Set
  • Ease of Installation: Comes with everything needed to install.
  • Build Quality: ACDelco is owned by GM, they stand behind the name and quality.
  • Warranty: parts only, lifetime warranty as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle.

Centric Brake Pads

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This is the only option manufactured using a positive molding process. Centric Brake Pads have a friction material density that is more consistent throughout the pad. Even wear and performance leads to a longer brake pad life. Unlike those made with molded technology, mechanically attached shims mean that you won’t need messy adhesives to install.

  • Centric Brake Pads
  • Ease of Installation: No messy adhesives required.
  • Build Quality: Centric has a stellar reputation and a history of making quality products.
  • Warranty: Parts warranty, either 90 days from purchase or 3,000 miles if properly installed, used, and maintained. Exchange only.

Pros And Cons: Centric Brake Pads Vs. Other Types

Below are some of the pros and cons when deciding whether or not to install Centric brake pads versus other brands or types of brake pads. Factors to consider include the climate conditions where you live, how long you plan on keeping your vehicle, your budget, and ease of installation.


  • Quieter and lasts longer than organic or semi-metallic brake pads.
  • Consistent wear and tear on the pad due to positive mold technology, unique among its competitors.
  • Mechanically attached shims, no adhesives needed for installation.
  • Custom fit due to precision-cut back plates.
  • Pre-scorched, which accelerates the break-in process. Only Wagner has a similar short break-in period.
  • Brake dust produced is finer, doesn’t stick to wheels.


  • Generally more expensive than Bosch, Wagner, or ACDelco. If you’re not planning on keeping your vehicle much longer, it might not be worth it.
  • Wear and tear: more heat will pass through brake pads to the rest of the system.
  • Less stopping power than other options such as Wagner or Bosch.
  • Not a great choice for extreme driving conditions such as very high/low temperatures or racing.

Centric Brake Pads: Yay Or Nay

If you’re looking for a high-quality ceramic brake pad, you can’t go wrong with Centric. Their ceramic brake pads combine a number of options available in other brands in one brake pad, such as easy installation that doesn’t require adhesives, mechanically attached shims and precision-cut back plates to ensure a great fit, a quick break-in process and known for their consistent wear and tear. Plus, they have a reputation for being the quietest brake pad on the market. Their warranty is in line with those of other competitors. Therefore, we consider Centric brake pads to be an excellent pick.

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