Brembo Brake Pads: Are They Any Good?

Brembo Brake Pads

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If you own a car, and better yet, a top-tier car, then you have probably heard about Brembo brake pads. Brembo is perhaps the single most popular brakes manufacturer in the world. Their success is not without reason. Brembo brake pads are manufactured with quality above anything else as their priority

The world-class manufacturer of braking systems is who professional mechanics turn to when they want the best that there is out there. Their strict policy towards quality doesn’t mean they have minimal range. Brembo brakes are available for the most popular vehicles on the road today, as well as the unusual ones. Braking is an important factor when it comes to motion; it’s the ability to stop at will.

The worst nightmare any driver could have on the road is a failed braking system. This is why your local mechanic will always recommend you have the best quality of brakes. It is because of this reason that Brembo is unbeaten, and they offer, “Quality over anything else.”

History of Brembo

Brembo is renown all over the world as a standout manufacturer of quality braking systems. Brembo is an Italian brand that was founded back in 1960 in Bergamo, Italy by Emilio Bombassei. It’s started its revolutionary systems as a small machine shop, that soon attracted big contracts from major leading Italian car companies such as Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

By 1980, Brembo was an established brand in motorsports. They further developed their product introducing, the Aluminum Caliper that saw a host of car manufacturers seeking advanced performance stream in. Several big players in the car industry like Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Lancia, Chrysler, Renault as well as Iveco came knocking.

Today, Brembo is still making headlines in the motoring industry. Brembo brake pads are an included package in a variety of supercars today such as the Lamborghini, Pagani, Aston Martin, Maserati, and many others. With their relentless advancement that keeps the big giants asking for more, Brembo is here to stay.

What Makes Brembo Technology Is Unbeatable

Some cars can brake from 60 mph (100 km/h) to 0 in under 5 seconds. We are not just talking about Formula One cars, or cars straight from a Hollywood fictional movie. We are talking about performance cars. Supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or the Corvette are capable of unbelievable speeds, and thanks to the quality and effective braking systems, they offer unmatched performance and braking comfort. So, what makes Brembo brake pads unbeatable? A few factors contribute to their unrivaled performance.


When it comes to performance and braking, size matters. The braking torque of a Brembo brake pad is the result of three factors. The effective radius of the brake disc, the friction coefficiency, and the clamping force of the calipers. The dimensions of a braking pad matter a lot, this is due to the heat exchange. When you have a larger brake pad, the disposal of heat during friction is distributed, which in effect reduces inclination. This effect allows the system to fade and makes it possible to apply brakes often and in quick succession.


It is not possible to increase the size of the brake pad as you wish. Increasing the size will mean increasing the components which will affect the weight of the suspended components. This will negatively affect the vehicle’s performance. This is why one of the major characteristics of Brembo brake pads is lightness. With its light braking system, Brembo brake pads are a guarantee for best weight to stiffness ratio. This makes it possible to confer weight reduction and residual torque advantages. The result is fuel and emission economy, maximum effect and performance.

Frictional material

Friction affects the braking torque of your vehicle. Just like the dimension, the material used to create friction is a discriminating factor. The company has a dedicated structure for research and production of Brembo brake pads. It aims to produce a fundamental component that is effective to the braking system, alongside the traditional calipers and discs, which are characteristic of Brembo’s know-how. Due to this, the manufacturer can develop Brembo brake pads that are tailor-made materials for each braking system.

Why Are Brembo Brake Pads Popular?

If you are in the market for a bike or a spiffy sports car, the chances are that you have seen special perks and accessories that are included with models to make them more appealing. In addition to the power of the engine and the transmission, the brakes always get attention, especially if they feature, Brembo brake pads. The way these brakes are advertised always gives you the impression they are a big deal. So, what makes Brembo brake pads so unique?

They invested in their product

Due to the number of sales that they make, Brembo can invest its earnings in quality machines to produce quality products. A notable portion of its revenue goes into research and development, getting better ways to advance their product, and staying ahead. According to the company, it strives to increase the braking power, reduce noise and vibration, improve thermal resistance, and increase durability.

Brembo brake pads are an established product

It boils down to paying to know what you are getting. While you have the option of buying from other brands, you are getting a product from a competitor other than an established brand. Brembo, on the other hand, has years of experience and reputability. People will always pay for a brand or product that they recognize or familiarize with.

Brembo products tried and tested

Brembo is known for its braking products such as the Brembo brake pads, ceramic discs, calipers, and axial master cylinders. Like its close competitors, it covers the range of top of the line entries. Meaning, it depends on the item itself and how much the buyer pays for it. The performance will also greatly depend on the quality of the machinery around it (your vehicle). With Brembo brake pads, it’s up to the consumer to decide on how much they are willing to spend.

The best of both worlds

Like most European brake pad manufacturers, the Brembo brake pads are required to meet the ECE R90 performance standards. Under normal operations, the brake pads installed in your vehicle get to 392 – 572 degrees Fahrenheit (200-300 degrees Celcius). Vehicle owners who frequent mountain roads experience higher brake temperatures. Usually, around 572 to 842 degrees Fahrenheit (300 to 450 degrees Celcius). Brembo brake pads are rated up to 1,202 degrees Fahrenheit (650 degrees Celcius).

This kind of rating is normally an invitation to the world of performance brake pads, that are known to squeal when cold and are too aggressive for daily use. However, Brembo has discovered a way around this. Most brake pad manufacturers have a few compounds to suit various applications, Brembo on the other hand as a variety at its disposal. Each Brembo brake pad has a compound that is specific for a particular vehicle. These compounds merge with the brake backing plate on top of an anti-squeal shim, that kills any chatter or squeal. The result is a brake pad that is best for both worlds.

Choosing the best braking pad for your car

To get the best Brembo brake pads for your vehicle, knowing what you’re looking for is essential. Consider the following features before buying a brake pad.

Type of vehicle

Before you order a set of Brembo brake pads, ensure that they fit your car. Checking your vehicle details including the model and year is important. What fits perfectly in your 2016 model might not fit a 2018 model. Make sure you have your numbers right.

Brake pad material

Brake pads are made from different materials like ceramic, organic, or semi-metallic. It is vital that you pick your brake pad depending on where and how you are going to use your vehicle. For example, getting ceramic Brembo brake pads will be good for city driving, while semi-metallic will be perfect for performance heavy braking scenarios.

Installing your brake pads

Installing your brake pads doesn’t need to feel like a five-year construction project. Anyone should be able to do it. When shopping for brake pads, ensure you get one with a full kit that has everything you need for an install.


It goes without saying that price matters a lot. However, since brake pads are a crucial component of your vehicle and road safety, durability and quality need to come first. You don’t want to get cheap brake pads, as they are less reliable and are likely to be of low quality. While the price does not reflect the quality, it is crucial that you stick to a reputable company.

Brembo Brake Pads Price

A full Brembo braking kit costs between $550 and $700. This kit contains both a rear and front brake disks, pads and calipers. A front set of Brembo brake pads costs between $50 and $70 while a rear set of Brembo brake pads costs between $30 to $50.

How We Reviewed

When we reviewed Brembo brake pads, we considered several different factors and elements. To review accurately, we analyzed retailer and manufacturer product descriptions, car forums, customer reviews, complaints and more.

Brembo Brake Pads Market Comparison

It’s never an easy task of buying anything, especially when there are so many different products and brands to choose from. You would never buy your flat screen TV from an unknown brand because you’d have no guarantee. Just like your TV, you have to be picky when it comes to your vehicle’s brake pads. Brembo is undoubtedly an industry king when it comes to braking components, but who are its rivals? The following are Brembo braking pads closest competitors.

Bosch BC905 brake pads

Bosch is known for its good quality vehicle products, and they have lived up to their reputation. This brake pads are made out of semi-metal and ceramic material and are excellent for great stopping power. The Bosch BC905 brake pads feature a shim molded technology that protects the shim attachments ensuring great stability.

Shim technology construction provides good strength and a noiseless braking experience. The chambers and slots are OE (original equipment) designed, which make up for excellent function and fit. Bosch BC905 is engineered and tested in North America, which speaks volumes about its quality.

One good thing about this brake pad is that it is easy to install. Each set sold contains all the hardware you need to do the job. It also comes with a synthetic lubricant, that helps make everything come together easier. A Bosch brake pad set costs between $30 and $60.

Yellowstuff brake pads

EBC yellow stuff brake pads are an ultra-high friction brake pads for a track day, racing and daily use. Just like Brembo brake pads, they benefit from zero brake fade and are capable of heavy repeated use. Another great factor about this high-performance brake pad is it causes minimal rotor damage compared to normal brake pads.

The EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are popular with track racing drivers because it made from aramid fiber. Aramid fiber gives your braking system superb stopping power. They don’t require any warm up and are even stronger under aggressive driving conditions.

Due to EBC’s Yellowstuff high heat range, its best applicable in high horsepower vehicles, SUVs, trucks, and fast street cars. EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are best for heavy commercial vehicles for towing or for oversized wheel and tire upgrade installation. EBC Yellowstuff brake pads cost between $90 and $150.

Hawk Performance brake pads

Hawk performance brake pads are an American brand and close rival to Brembo brake pad. They are manufactured from a Ferro-Carbon compound that offers advanced braking capabilities to enhance the driver’s experience. This particular compound combines both the quality and safety of aerospace design with severe-duty friction technology.

This high-performance compound offers a higher coefficiency of friction compared to your standard stock pads and provides up to 40 percent more braking power and resistance to brake fade. Cleaning the dust off of your brakes is a regular occurrence. However, Hawk brake pads are engineered to produce fewer dust levels. The high-performance compound that makes Hawk brake pads are also gentle on the rotors, meaning less squeal and noise during aggressive breaking.

One of the benefits you will get from buying this brake pads is you get a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. A set of Hawk brake pads costs between $60 and $110.

The Bottomline

Your vehicle’s braking pads are a vital component of a vehicle’s safety and function. Brembo offers a range of brake performance parts that can incredibly improve your vehicle’s performance. For vehicle owners who are more quality and safety conscious, Brembo offers a range of aftermarket braking pads. Born out of experience gained from racing cars, and its extensive collaboration with vehicle manufacturers, there is no doubt that Brembo offers the best there is in braking technology.

Therefore, if you have a stunning supercar that brakes in under five seconds, don’t despair, Brembo can help you improve your performance!




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