The Best LED – Top 8 Headlights For Your Car

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Imagine this: You’re driving at night on a country road you don’t know that well, but Google does. After a couple of miles, you get more confident, but then your headlights start flickering. You’re so afraid of what might happen if you continue to drive with these lights that you decide to stop and wait until help arrives, or even worse, until it’s morning again. If you had the best LED headlights available, you might have avoided the entire situation.

Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B07CV2XYXN,B01MXMIRY6,B01KHUYOWM,B079FT3HN2,B01L0KN6PO,B074SDNGGQ,B06XHDYTGL,B077BT6M6Z” template=”table”]

Characteristics of the Best LED Headlights

The most important requirement for the best LED headlights is quality. Headlights should be able to last for at least a couple years before they need replacements. You don’t want to end up like you would in the nightmare mentioned above. Also, the materials of the headlights should be strong and preferably water-resistant. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important as well.

The optimal lumens range

toyota headlights

Another important factor that can make or break even the best LED headlights is the light output. The light beam shouldn’t be too dark, but also not so bright that it blinds people. Lumens are the metric people use to measure the brightness of lights. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light is.

For a car headlight, the ideal range of lumens is from 4,000 to 8,000 per light. A problem that’s common with car headlights is that they claim to be a certain brightness, but due to factors like the bulb size, they are typically less than advertised. So, keep this in mind when considering a headlight in the lower end of the optimal range.

How much Kelvin do you need?

LED bulbs above 8,000 lumens can be very dangerous, but since it’s a bit dimmer, in reality, you can still use them in certain applications. There’s also the “Kelvin color temperature,” which refers to the color of the light. The higher the Kelvins, the whiter the light. Although once it’s high enough, the light starts to look almost blue. Most LED headlights are the same — around the 6,000 Kelvin range.

To give you a sense of what that means, a light between 2,000 and 3,000K gives the appearance of an orange light; 3,100 to 4,500K is more of a white light; and 4,600 to 6,500K looks like a blue light.

Which beam pattern do you need?

A headlight has two different kinds of beams. One bulb has a single beam, and the other has a double beam. When you replace a bulb, you replace either the regular or fog light bulb. But, if you use a double beam bulb, that bulb can be used for low and high light, which means that you need one instead of two bulbs for your car.

You can recognize the beam pattern in the bulb if you look at the filaments. If it has one, it’s a single beam. If it has two, it’s a double beam, simple as that.

How to install the best LED headlights

This is probably an important factor for you if you’re not experienced with cars at all — the ease of installation for the best LED headlights. While most LED headlights are compatible with every car, some need different variations. Fortunately, you can ask retailers if it fits your car and see how their customer service communicates at the same time.

In case you ever need more fixing for your car, DIY car mechanic Scotty Kilmer explains how to replace your headlights in the following video:

How We Picked the Best LED Headlights

Jalopnik headlights

We handpicked the top eight best LED headlights by consulting different blogs within the car industry and car enthusiasts on the internet. An example of one of these sources is Jalopnik. Also, every single one of the top eight best LED headlights is available on Amazon, which contains a lot of reviews from people with first-hand experience. Last but not least, we took our own requirements into consideration, which we checked off by going through manufacturer specifications and comparing competing products.

The Top 8 Best LED Headlights for Your Car

Now, we’ll show you our picks for the best LED headlights you’ll want to use with your car. Note that although the different LED headlights are numbered, they are in no particular order.

[amazon link=”B07CV2XYXN” title=”Akarui Conversion Kit”/]

[amazon box=”B07CV2XYXN”]

We start the top eight best LED headlights off with the Akarui conversion kit. You get a pair for that price, which means you can choose to replace them both if one breaks or only replace one at a time. If it makes a lot of difference, I would change them both and buy an extra pair for emergencies. The best part of this deal is that you get a 2-year warranty with every pair you buy.

High-quality instructions

What’s cool with this conversion kit is that it’s water- and shock-resistant, which is a luxury. Another extra service is that they deliver easy-to-understand instructions with the kit so that you won’t have to struggle to replace them.

Long lasting bright lights

It’s bright enough with its 9,600 lumens in total and 6,000K colored light. The total lifespan of these LED headlights is estimated to be about 50,000 hours by the manufacturer. You also get a 15 percent discount if you sign up with your email on the manufacturer’s website.

Are the Akarui lights single or dual-beam?

Most of the Akarui LED headlights are single beams (some variations are dual-beam), which means you need one bulb for every light you want to replace. For example, if your left low light and right high light are broken, you’ll need to use the pair you bought completely. But if only your left low light broke, you could choose to keep the other for later.

[amazon link=”B01MXMIRY6″ title=”Simdevanma LED Conversion Kit”/]

[amazon box=”B01MXMIRY6″]

The first thing you notice with the description of the Simdevanma LED conversion kit on Amazon is that it says the headlights even work underwater. While this is a cool feature, you’re probably not going to use it underwater. But it does mean that it can take some heavy rain — which is always useful.

Are the lights too dim?

According to the manufacturer’s details, it says that the lumen level of each bulb is 3,800, which is outside the optimal range.

We dove into the reviews on Amazon, and people don’t notice any downsides. So, it might depend on the type of car and housing. One reviewer always drives at night, and he happily chose the Simdevanma lights over other headlights. The Kelvin level of the Simdevanma headlights is 6,500, which means that the light looks bluer than the white Akarui lights.

Is it worth your money?

The Simdevanma headlights are cheaper than the Akarui headlights, while you still get two bulbs and a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. You should check your car owner’s manual before buying, since different cars need different sizes of bulbs. The life cycle and beam pattern are the same as the Akarui headlights.

[amazon link=”B01KHUYOWM” title=”Glowteck LED Conversion Kit”/]

[amazon box=”B01KHUYOWM”]

Glowteck’s lights are known for their brightness, with 6,000 lumens per bulb at 6,500K. While it’s fantastic that the output is of such quality, it also brings down the lifespan to 40,000 hours, less than the first two pairs of headlights.

Quality comes with a price

These powerful lights has a 2-year warranty. It includes their unique cooling technology, a pair of multi-use LED lights as a bonus, and a size check, so you’re sure it fits your car before you buy it.

Common standards for all LED headlights

Other specs like the beam pattern, installation process, and warranty are the same as the Akarui LED headlights. It seems like these are the standard specifications that almost every LED headlight conversion kit on the market has.

[amazon link=”B079FT3HN2″ title=”Nao LED Conversion Kit”/]

[amazon box=”B079FT3HN2″]

NAO Electric Technology is the first Chinese company on this list, which is noticeable in the price. We would assume that this is the low cost and most standard conversion kit among the best LED headlights here. Now, let’s take a look at the specifications for these headlights.

The price is noticeable, but are the lights?

As you know by now, we measure the brightness of light by the number of lumens and Kelvin color. The NAO LED lights are 3,800 lumens each, which is outside the optimal range. The color temperature is 6,000K, which is your casual white color. There are no reviews on Amazon that can tell us more about the reality of the brightness of these lights.

Fits the common standard

The NAO lights do come with a 50,000-hour lifespan, 2-year warranty, easy installation, and waterproof design. For the price, it’s a decent deal you get. So, if you care more about your money than the quality of your car’s lights at the moment, these lights are the perfect fit.

[amazon link=”B01L0KN6PO” title=”XtremeVision LED Headlights Conversion Kit”/]

[amazon box=”B01L0KN6PO”]

Are the XtremeVision LED headlights really extreme? Yes, they certainly are! Each bulb has a brightness of 8,000 lumens, which is the upper limit of the optimal range. The danger of this is that it might even be too bright and you can blind people with it while driving at night if you’re not careful. On the other end of the spectrum, you can see a lot more than you normally would with the stock headlights. It also comes with 6,500K which makes these lights blue-colored.

Big fires burn quicker

While the lights are looking very bright, the life of an XtremeVision lamp doesn’t. It has a lifespan of only 30,000 hours, which is the shortest lifespan of all lights mentioned among these best LED headlights for your car. To assure you that the lights will survive long enough, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty.

Bad service

The 2-year warranty looks nice at first sight, but several people mentioned that the company sometimes doesn’t even help their customers the way they promised.  However, most people seem to be pretty happy with their purchase and the brightness of the lights.

[amazon link=”B074SDNGGQ” title=”Lasfit LED Headlights Conversion Kit”/]

[amazon box=”B074SDNGGQ”]

The first on the list that offers four pieces instead of just a pair on Amazon. Almost as bright as the XtremeVision, these lights come with a total of 15,200 lumens (7,600 each), which is in the higher end of the optimal range, and 6,000K.

No hassle guarantee

Lasfit has a 45-day hassle-free refund policy and a 1-year replacement warranty. These guarantees make them stand out from the crowd. The lifespan of the Lasfit headlights is 30,000 hours, which is the shortest lifespan among the best LED headlights here. Yet the refund policy and replacement warranty can make you feel more certain of your decision. They even offer customer pickup services in California, since it’s a US-based company!

[amazon link=”B06XHDYTGL” title=”Beamtech LED Headlights”/]

[amazon box=”B06XHDYTGL”]

Moving down to the lower end of the optimal brightness spectrum, we have the Beamtech at 4,000 lumens each and 6,500K. Although they have a lower output than other lights, the lifespan is also 30,000 hours. 

Silent lights

One of the aspects that stood out in the review section for these lights is that they are very silent. More silent than most of the other lights, which is a great fit for some people who are annoyed by the sounds of their lights. The warranty is not mentioned anywhere, but the rest of the specifications match the common standards with most headlights.

[amazon link=”B077BT6M6Z” title=”Hikari LED Headlights”/]

[amazon box=”B077BT6M6Z”]

We end the top best LED headlights with the Hikari lights, which have a total output of 12,000 lumens (6,000 lumens each), which is exactly in the middle of the optimal brightness range. They also have 6,000K, which makes the lights fit the standard for most headlights. 

Anti-radio interference

A funny feature that caught my attention was the anti-radio interference guarantee. We haven’t seen this feature in other descriptions. Another unique part of the Hikari LED headlights is that they mention that Philips made the lights. The rest of the package is the same as all the others.

The All-Round Best LED Headlights for Your Car i

The best all-around pair of the best LED headlights for your car is the Lasfit combo package. Why? Well, they offer extra customer service, which is what you need with high-power lights. Also, they are very bright and focused, which make them ideal as a low, high, and fog light.

Four pieces instead of a pair also makes these lights one of the cheapest on the market. Order them now and install them directly to have a much better visual experience while driving your car! Get your experience on tape with a dash cam and show off your beautiful lights to everyone you know.

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