Is the Aukey Dash Cam the Right One for Your Vehicle?

Is the Aukey Dash Cam the Right One for Your Vehicle?

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Driving is a dangerous activity. Drivers texting, overzealous police stops, and road rage incidents occur regularly. An Aukey dash cam can help keep you safer behind the wheel while protecting your good name (and keeping your record clean). If you receive a traffic citation and believe you didn’t deserve it, it’s your word against the police. But a dash cam provides concrete evidence of what took place and can result in that ticket’s dismissal.

It’s not just unfair traffic stops the Aukey dash cam can help you with, however. If you’re in an accident, a dash cam is a form of evidence (admissible in court) of what took place. If you want to reduce your insurance rates and are a safe driver, dash cams provide driving records to insurers. Over time, you can lower auto insurance rates. Of course, you should always be safe behind the wheel, even without the latest technologies in your car. However, having them present is a great way to protect yourself in a “he said, she said” situation. We all know how frustrating it can be to have insurance premiums rise after an accident or a ticket. Consider investing in the best technology that can help prevent these occurrences while making you mindful of your surroundings.

About the Aukey Dash Cam DR-02

The Aukey dash cam DR-02 is a great product for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Quality hardware, recording capabilities, a dual-camera feature, and compact size are some features that set it apart from competitors.

These are some of the features owners will appreciate the instant they install the Aukey dash cam.

Quality video and smart digital storage

The dual-dash cam features Sony Exmor sensors in both the front and rear camera. Both record in 1080p resolution, guaranteeing quality video for replay purposes. The Aukey dash cam DR-02 also features an optional in-car audio system, allowing owners to record sounds.

It features a full, six-lane view, and 170-degree front, and 152-degree rear angle fields of view. The sensor records while driving, but also other activity in front, behind, and on the sides of the vehicle. This product has emergency and loop recording functions. In the event of unexpected incidents, the emergency recording will kick in. Loop recording will record over older footage, rather than new footage if the memory card fills up. So the latest content is always safe, even if owners don’t transfer it onto a different device. Owners can also connect the system with the Aukey GM GPS antennae. This function allows them to embed locations and track speeds while driving.

Additional features

There are several great additional features that the Aukey dash cam offers its owners. It is a low-profile piece. It can go anywhere on the dashboard and is small enough that it won’t impede visibility while driving. The high-resolution Sony sensors are reliable, and 1080p resolution guarantees blurriness, color distortion, and other issues don’t occur when recording. The system comes with 3M adhesive tapes to install the dash cam. Installation is easy and takes only a couple minutes to mount on the car’s dashboard. It plugs into a 12-volt or 24-volt socket in the vehicle. It also shuts off and turns on automatically so it doesn’t drain the car’s battery. When the engine shuts off, so does the dash cam. It also automatically records when the owner begins driving.

Aukey Dash Cam specifications

The Exmor sensor features a 2.3 MP (megapixel) camera, capable of recording in full-HD. It features a f/1.8 front and f/2.0 rear aperture for recording. The dash cam also has a night-mode recording function, guaranteeing quality resolution in dark or low-light conditions. The optional audio feature is nice during traffic stops, or to record conversations after an accident. It provides additional proof of what happened versus what other drivers later try to recount.

Aukey Dash Cam Two-in-One Design

The Aukey dash cam DR-02 is two cameras in one. Both front and rear cameras are capable of recording high-resolution HD footage. They both feature a widescreen recording angle, and a small flip-stand is available for the front camera. This feature allows owners to adjust recording angles to ensure the best quality possible when automatic recording kicks in.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Aukey Dash Cam

There are plenty of benefits to owning a dash cam. With the Aukey dash cam, there are some advantages and drawbacks to consider before choosing the DR-02 model. These are some factors to consider before investing in this system.


Many great features set the Aukey dash cam apart from other products. Some of the advantages of owning this system are:

  • It’s lightweight and compact
  • The dash cam is easy to affix anywhere on the car’s dashboard
  • It features a night recording mode
  • 1080p resolution for both rear and front facing cameras
  • It features an emergency record mode to capture unexpected incidents


Consumers should also consider some negatives before choosing this product, which includes:

  • Construction isn’t as high-quality as competitor dash cams
  • It comes with a sticker mount that can fall off the dashboard easily
  • The rear camera doesn’t always capture high-quality footage like the front cam
  • Owners can’t drag and drop files to store them and free up space on the SD card

How We Reviewed the Aukey Dash Cam

When reviewing the Aukey dash cam against competitors, we considered several factors. Size, recording quality, features, and design, were among the leading factors we discuss in our reviews. We compared the top manufacturer dash cams against the Aukey dash cam. This information provides consumers with a fair amount of specification and features to help them choose the best model. We also highlight the good and bad features of different models to help consumers find the best dash cam.

Average Price of an Aukey Dash Cam

The Aukey dash cam DR-02 is available on multiple sites. It is reasonably affordable in this competitive industry. The average price is $60 to $100 on most sites. Amazon, eBay, and the company’s website are some places to purchase the dash cam. Optional features like the GPS connector will increase the overall cost of the unit.

The Best Competition for the Aukey Dash Cam

Before choosing the Aukey dash cam, consumers should have a reasonable comparison base to consider. These are some of the best models available, in a comparable price range, other than the Aukey.

Rexing V1 Car Dash

This dash cam features a 2.4-inch LCD monitor capable of recording in 1080p resolution. It also features a 170-degree viewing angle. This wide angle allows the dash cam to record nearly the entire front portion of the vehicle and periphery. It features a Sony Exmor system, wide recording angle, and loop recording function. It will always delete old footage, rather than new footage, when the SD card is full.

The discreet cam fits anywhere and won’t block a driver’s view on the road. It can record up to 30/fps (frames per second) and features a seven-layer glass lens. Owners can use the split recording function. This feature allows them to split videos into three, five, or 10-minute segments, to break down more extended footage. The camera adjusts to lighting in the day and evening hours and also features a night-mode recording option.

Some owners claim the loop recording does not function. In this review, the customer notes that when the SD card is full, it stops recording altogether. So, when they need the dash cam most, it wasn’t doing its job in the vehicle.

The price of this dash cam is $90 to $100. The average ratings are 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Vantrue T2 Dash Cam

This dash cam features a Sony sensor and Wave Guard Parking Technology. This feature allows owners to turn on the recording system when they’re in a parking lot. If it’s an unfamiliar location, this is a great way to protect the vehicle from theft and damage. The 1920X1080p resolution guarantees crisp, clear recording at all times. An excellent night recording mode also ensures the best quality in the day or evening hours.

The 160-degree viewing angle records the peripherals and front view while driving. The 2.0-inch camera and LCD screen are simple to operate. 24/7, continuous operation recording is also a nice feature. Owners can set the camera to record all day if they choose, depending on where they park their car.

Some reviewers note the system does not operate when they need it to most. In this review, the customer indicates the product shuts off and on without warning. So, it doesn’t capture important footage while they’re driving at times.

The price of this unit is $150 to $200. The average ratings are 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Wheel Witness HD

2K super video recording and a 170-degree viewing angle, ensure owners capture high-quality video all the time. The camera hooks up to a 12-volt connector in any car, truck, van, or SUV. It also features a night-vision recording mode, so the video is the best quality when recording at night. The 2304X1296p resolution also stores crisp video quality, regardless of the time of day the camera is operating.

This product features WDR/HDR technologies. So, it is capable of recording wider viewing angles, to ensure it captures peripheral footage on the road. A G-sensor and GPS automatically detect accidents. This function guarantees it will automatically begin recording if there’s any impact. It also features the loop recording feature, so it will record over old data, and keep new footage intact. The GPS captures location and speed, informing drivers of speed limits, and prevent police stops and speeding tickets also.

Some negative reviews include that this product doesn’t remain on the dashboard, rendering it useless. One reviewer notes it continually falls off the suction cup mount. So, it doesn’t record relevant footage while they’re driving.

This product costs $90 to $100. The average ratings are 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


This dash cam features GPS recording capabilities and records in 1920X1080p resolution. It has a full HD mode and an expansive 165-degree recording angle. It also includes an 8 GB micro SD card. This card allows owners to take it out of the box, and start using it right away. The hands-free, continuous loop function begins recording when the car moves. The camera deletes old content first, and new footage remains intact if there isn’t sufficient space on the SD card.

There’s an emergency lock button and auto accident detection feature (G-sensor). In the event of an accident or emergency, the dash cam will start to record automatically. This feature guarantees owners always have relevant footage for insurance companies. The built-in GPS also features location, speed limits, and links routes to Google maps automatically. Drivers always know where they are, and relevant footage is continually recording.

Concerns with the quality of the software are something that reviewers indicate about this product. They suggest that when they need the system to function, it doesn’t work correctly. For the high price of this product, consumers expect better quality/functioning software.

The price of this unit is $150 to $200. The average ratings are 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Smile for the Camera!: How the Aukey Dash Cam Stacks up Against Competitors

When it comes to choosing a dash cam, the Aukey dash cam is one of many products available. The Aukey dash cam is the best option for budget shoppers. It’s also a good option for those looking for reasonable quality and simplicity. It has simple to use features, high-quality 1080p resolution, and an emergency recording function. It also features the optional audio mode that’s great during accidents or traffic stops. The small size is easy to operate, and the dual-cam system captures front and rear incidents. For the price, you can’t beat what this mini dash cam offers.

For those who can afford a little more, this Vantrue T2 system is a great option also. It has an easy to operate LCD monitor, and 160-degree viewing angle. It features an excellent night mode function that surpasses the quality of the competitor models. The Sony sensor is exceptional, and the Wave Guard Parking Monitor is a nice feature. It records in parking lots, so your car is safe in unfamiliar locations. The 1920X1080 resolution is also higher than the competitor dash cams on the list.

Either way, you can drive easier knowing that with a dash cam in your car, it won’t just be your word against the word of the jerk that cut you off or the cop that says you blew a red light that was clearly still yellow. You’ll have the video to back you up, and they can go play in traffic.

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